Dassault Expands Falcon Family With 8X

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Dassault has unveiled the newest member of its Falcon Jet family. And while the Model 8X is essentially an iteration of the three-engine model one digit removed, its additional cabin space and increased fuel load make it the French planemaker’s most comfortable long-ranger.


Derived from the Falcon 7X, the new model features a 42.6 ft (13 m)-long cabin, as compared to the 39.1 ft (11.9 m)-long passenger section of the earlier model. Significantly, an increase in fuel capacity combined with engine tweaks and aerodynamic refinements have upped range from the 7X’s 5,950 nm to 6,450 nm for the 8X, and that’s with three crewmembers, eight passengers, a Mach .80 cruise and NBAA IFR reserves upon arrival.

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