A glass fiber reinforced polyamide front end carrier for Volkswagen Passat and Sharan

by / mercredi, 14 octobre 2015 / Published in Industrie

The Volkswagen Group is using the front end carrier made from the BASF plastic Ultramid in the Passat and Sharan models – after the integration in the Golf VII where in 2013 a polypropylene/steel hybrid part was replaced with an all-plastic part made from Ultramid B3WG8 and with BASF’s comprehensive simulation service.

In this way, BASF’s polyamide 6 helps to ensure that also these two front end carriers are lighter than the previous models and save installation time as well as costs. The globally available polyamide 6 grade is manufactured at certified production sites with process-oriented quality management. BASF thus meets the requirements that car manufacturers have in terms of cost efficiency, reliable supply, and flexibility.

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