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Unveiled recently by Huntsman Advanced Materials, a hybrid wheel produced by a well established, tier one supplier to the performance car sector will save up to 20% of weight against its aluminium competitors, says the company. The wheel features an Araldite structural system CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer) rim around an aluminium alloy centre star.

For the automotive industry, engineered plastics are fast becoming the future. While new laws are being created to reduce emissions and fuel prices are rising, predictions suggest that by 2020 plastics will comprise 18 percent of the average vehicle’s weight.  To achieve optimal fuel efficiency OEMs are going lightweight – since 2008 the average vehicle

Global automotive supplier Plastic Omnium, a company that specializes in components and body modules, and automotive fuel systems, has begun work on the construction of two plants in the U.S. One plant will produce auto exterior parts in Chattanooga, TN, aimed at supplying the Volkswagen plant nearby; the other is intended for the production of

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